The vineyard – our headquarters

Son Cavaller doesn’t sell just any wines!
We regularly drop by the wine yard for this reason. We would like to share this beautiful experience with you.

The drive to the headquarters takes you through the fertile planes of Mallorca.
The streets are lined by carob trees.

You will pass through romantic villages such as Artà, Santa Margalida and Muro on your way to your destination.

Once at the vineyard where we produce and sell one of the best wines of Mallorca, you will find a unique and breath-taking view of the Tramuntana mountains.

The vineyard was built Majorcan style.
Natural stones, traditional colours and clear lines are predominant here.
The headquarters seems placed perfectly harmoniously and invitingly between naturalness, state-of-the-art equipment and thought-through suitability.

Take a guided tour of the vines and the vineyard while listing to the headquarters’ story. You will learn all about the grapes and wines as well.

Then you will visit the pressing hall and the barrique cellar.
Between the cellar and casks, tubs and bottles, you will learn about the history and production methods of our wines.

After a round trip, you will find a wonderful view on the terrace while tasting great wines accompanied by tasty Majorcan olives, bread and cheese.

Then you will surely agree with us: “These are the finest wines of Mallorca”!