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Son Cavaller Negre “del bon gust”

Mallorca Weine, Rotweine
Mallorca / Weine / Rotwein

Mallorca Weine, Rotweine, Weißweine, Roses von Son Cavaller
Goes well with …

Mallorca Weine, Rotweine, Weißweine, Roses von Son Cavaller
Goes well with …

2019 Cabernet, Merlot, Callet | Negre “del bon gust
Son Cavaller

Location/ line/ edition
“Negre, del bon gust” is an auspicious title that describes the dense and complex depth of colour and also gives an indication of the wine’s good taste. Here in a semi-dry version, the individual grape varieties show their wide range of aromas in their sweetest form. Callet, which is native to Mallorca, brings fruity aromas, Cabernet Sauvignon, the world’s favourite crossbreeding partner in Cuvees, provides the framework, as the tannic grape variety has structure and often shows notes of cassis, while Merlot is the gentle counterpart to Cabernet and offers a wide spectrum of aromas of plum, black cherry and raspberry.

After the harvest, the wine was vinified in the classic way and bottled with a residual sugar content.

Tasting note
In the glass, the wine is dark red with light orange complexes. The aromas are reminiscent of stewed berries, black pepper and some sour cherry. Finally, a little plum and rosemary are added. On the palate the wine presents itself strong and with a touch of orange marmalade. A fine acidity accompanies the aromas until the end, leaving a little cinnamon and Amarena cherry on the palate.

Recommended food
Lamb cutlet with pumpkin risotto and courgette strips
Vegetable-Lentils Moussaka
Braised beef with plum jus and root vegetables

Ready to drink
The wine is now in a very clear and precise stage, presents itself with sweetness, acidity and fine tannin.

12.5 % residual sugar: 34 g/l acidity: 5.3 g/l


Allergen note: Contains sulphites