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Son Cavaller Seleccío Especial Cabernet 2015

Mallorca Weine, Rotweine, Weißweine, Roses von Son Cavaller
Red wine Seleccío Especial Cabernet

Restaurante Amapola
Goes well with…

Mallorca Weine, Rotweine, Weißweine, Roses von Son Cavaller
Goes well with…

2015 Cabernet, Seleccio Especial
Son Cavaller

Location/ line/ edition
From the very naming, you can see that the “Seleccio Especial” line is an intense handling and selection of the best grapes. For the “Seleccio Especial Cabernet”, only Cabernet vines were used and vinified under special attention.
This grape variety, which originates from France, is cultivated worldwide and can be found in famous cuvees and as the sole star in the wine scene. Already in ancient times, it had a great importance, mentioned here under other synonyms. Cabernet is a rather phenolic variety, with strong tannin and acidity. The aromas of redcurrant and green pepper are particularly distinctive, sometimes less and sometimes more. It gives the wines body and depth. Due to its adaptability, it is cultivated under the most diverse soil and climate conditions and produces excellent results.

After harvesting, the grapes were matured in barriques for 24 months. This was done unfiltered to preserve the naturalness of the aromas.

Tasting note
In the glass there is a deep, dark ruby coloured wine. Subtle violet reflections can be seen at the edge of the glass. In the nose black cherry, juniper, some clove, paprika and dark chocolate. The last impressions remind of firewood, plum and black pepper. All this is confirmed on the palate. But an elegant sweetness is added. The gripping and powerful acidity interacts with the dense tannin structure, which gently runs out through the variety of fruits and spices.

Recommended food
Tomahawk steak, with fan potatoes and green asparagus
Lamb stew with herbs, mint, pomegranate and red onions
Aubergine rice pan with currants and feta

Ready to drink
At this point the wine opens all its aromas, opened two hours before, it is in a clear and dense state. Further years of ageing are possible.

14 % residual sugar: 2.1 g/l acidity: 5.2 g/l


Allergen note: Contains sulphites