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von Son Cavaller


von Son Cavaller

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Red Wine Seleccío “Especial Merlot” 2014

Rotwein Mallorca Merlot
Rotwein Seleccío Especial Merlot

Rotwein Mallorca von Son Cavaller
Goes well with…

Mallorca Weine, Rotweine, Weißweine, Roses von Son Cavaller
Goes well with…
Character: Goes well with…
From the best vines Mallorca has to offer. In the nose very mature with a mild toasted note and a hint of chocolate. Game, beef and lamb, with hot fried dishes and all sauce dishes.

Designation and origin of the wine

Designation Value
Category Red wine
Varietal Merlot
Taste Dry
Bottle size 0,75 L
Drinking temperature 16 – 18 °C
Alcohol 14% vol.


Allergen note: Contains sulphites