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Red Wine Seleccío “Especial Merlot”

Rotwein Mallorca Merlot
Rotwein Seleccío Especial Merlot

Rotwein Mallorca von Son Cavaller
Goes well with…

Mallorca Weine, Rotweine, Weißweine, Roses von Son Cavaller
Goes well with…

2015 Merlot, Seleccio Especial
Son Cavaller

Location/ line/ edition
Already at the naming, you can see that this wine is something special. For the “Seleccio Especial Merlot”, only Merlot vines were used and vinified under special attention.
Merlot also has its home in France and is one of the most famous grape varieties worldwide. When blended, like Solo, it is a full-bodied wine with soft tannins. Some of the most expensive wines in the world are made from 100% Merlot. The name itself probably comes from the French word for blackbird, which is “merle”. This is due to the little bird that likes to eat the ripe and juicy, sweet berry. Merlot shines with aromas of red berries, young plum and also ethereal tones.

The wine is made from 100% Merlot and was aged for 24 months in barriques. Filtration has not taken place in order to exploit the purity and full aromatic potential

Tasting note
In the glass there is a ruby red wine with slightly coppery complexes and a deep colour density. In the nose aromas of earth, some marjoram, sweet cherry, cassis and tomato green flow into the glass. The finish is a hint of vanilla and blackberry. All this is confirmed on the palate. Gentle tannin and an elegantly lining acidity carry the manifold aromas and leave a fine melt. Dense aromas, but not obtrusive. At the end there are still fine notes of white pepper and a little cinnamon.

Recommended food
Roast beef with fried aubergine, fennel and potatoes
Fried prawns, kidney beans, bacon, chilli and rice
Grilled beetroot strips and chickpea curry

Ready to drink
The wine is in a very open and accessible stage.
Drink it now and take advantage of the full range of aromas.

Alcohol: 14% Residual sugar: 1.3 g/l Acidity: 5.9 g/l


Allergen note: Contains sulphites