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Red wine “Madó Cavaller”

Rotwein Madó Cavaller
Madó Cavaller 2016

Mallorca Weine, Rotweine, Weißweine, Roses von Son Cavaller
Goes well with…

Mallorca Weine, Rotweine, Weißweine, Roses von Son Cavaller
Goes well with…

2017 Mantonegro, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah
Mado Cavaller
Son Cavaller

Location/ line/ edition
With “Mado Cavaller” a special creation was created, which is also strictly limited. Mallorca’s native grape variety Mantonegro brings the fruit and Cabernet the elegance and structure. The additional time in barrique barrels gives the wine further finesse. Syrah and Merlot are in the background the spice and the soft tip, which make up the Cuvee “Mado Cavaller”. Mallorca’s special terroir, as well as the uniqueness of each vintage, make this assemblage exciting every year.

After the harvest, the grapes were aged for six months in French barriques and then bottled.

Tasting note
In the glass, the wine is very dense and ruby red. In the nose there are aromas of dark berry, some thyme, sandalwood, light notes of vanilla and foliage. Towards the end, Josta and laurel are added. The aromas are confirmed on the palate! A fresh, quite dominant acidity supports the berry notes, also strong is a touch of black pepper, as well as young sour cherry. The tannin framework fills the mouth. The finish is youthful and reminds of a combination of blackberry and tobacco.

Recommended food
Mushrooms in balsamic vinegar with potatoes and sweet peppers
Fried rice with tuna and sugar snap
Guinea fowl breast with chestnuts, goat cheese and beetroot sauce

Ready to drink
With its still quite young tannins and fresh acidity, the wine will remain in the bottle for several years.

Alcohol: 14 % Residual sugar: 3 g/l Acidity: 5.1 g/l


Allergen note: Contains sulphites