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White wine Blanc Sec “de bon raim” 2020

Weisswein Blanc Sec
White wine Blanc Sec

Can Sion Wein & Tapas
The white wine goes well with…

Can Sion Wein & Tapas
The white wine goes well with…

2020 Chardonnay, Premsal, Malvasia, Giro Ros
Blanc sec “de bon raim”
Son Cavaller

Location/ line/ edition:
“De bon raim”, which means “of good grapes” in German, describes very well the contents of the bottle! It is not easy to create a wine out of a variety of grape varieties, which shows itself in the glass in so many ways. Each grape variety brings its own character, for example Premsal, also known as Xarello and used for making cava, is an aromatic, acidic and full-bodied variety, Viognier is native to France and brings notes of apricot and flowers, Sauvignon Blanc has a rather citrusy and fresh touch, Moscatell has a nutmeg and spice, Malvasia complements the cuvée with tropical fruits, Chardonnay classic with nutty and elegant finesse and Giro ros, native to Mallorca presents pineapple, preferably citrus and mango. Such a variety must be treated with dedication and patience and finally vinified.

After the harvest, the grapes were fermented separately in stainless steel vats and then cuveetiert.

Tasting notes
In the glass they shine and contrast strong golden-yellow tones. In the nose, dense aromas of Mediterranean citrus fruits, some pineapple, passion fruit and white pepper. In the end, a little mint, gooseberry and white flowers are added. All this is confirmed on the palate. The taut and fresh acidity reinforces the aromas of pineapple which is replaced by lemon verbena and green kiwi. A pleasantly long and dense aftertaste of ripe pear remains on the palate.

Recommended food
Potato pancakes with sweet mustard dressing, yellow beetroot and roasted courgette strips
Sopa Mallroquina, spicy vegetable soup
Chicken with orange sauce, fennel and olives

Ready to drink
Now ready to drink and a nice treat. To drink fresh, because it does not need a long storage time.

14 % residual sugar: 7 g/l acidity: 4.9 g/l


Allergen note: Contains sulphites