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Vino blanco semi “de bona terra” 2019

Weißwein Blanc Unic
Vino blanco semi “De Bona Terra”

mallorquinische Weißwein Blanc Unic
El vino blanco va bien con…

mallorquinische Weißwein Blanc Unic
El vino blanco va bien con…


2019 Premsal, Viognier, Sauvignon blanc, Moscatell, Malvasia blanc, Chardonnay, Giro ros Blanc sec “de bona terra” Son Cavaller

Location/ line/ edition
As already translated for the wine “de bon raim” “of good grapes”, for the fruit sweeter version “de bona terra”, i.e. “of good land”, are vinified, just in case a wide range of grape varieties, which are allowed to present themselves once again in a completely different way in the residual sweetness stylistics. Each grape variety brings its own character, for example, Premsal, the autochthonous grape of Mallorca, is an aromatic, acidic and full-bodied variety, Viognier has its home in France and brings notes of apricot and flowers, Sauvignon Blanc has a rather citrusy and fresh touch, Moscatell has a nutmeg and spice, Malvasia complements the cuvée with tropical fruits, Chardonnay classic with nutty and elegant finesse and Giro ros, native to Mallorca presents pineapple, preferably citrus and mango. Such a variety must be treated with dedication and patience and finally vinified.

After harvesting, the grapes were fermented separately in stainless steel vats and bottled with a fruity residual sweetness.

Tasting note
In the glass, the wine presents itself with deep yellow tones and golden reflections. In the nose, it clearly contrasts honeydew melon, sweet pineapple, passion fruit and violet. A slightly peppery and herbaceous spice finishes the wine. On the palate the sweetness reminiscent of forest honey is particularly present. The tropical fruits, so distinct on the nose, are somewhat restrained, with a clear focus on fine, elegant acidity, notes of warm earth and honey. A dense reverberation and full mouthfeel.

Recommended food
Orange soup with baked olive strips Mallorcan almond cake Marinated roast pork with chilli, paprika and potatoes

Ready to drink
To be drunk now and for the next two years to enjoy the sweetness as well as the fresh acidity.
Alcohol: 13 % Residual sugar: 33 g/l Acidity: 5 g/l


Observación general: contiene sulfito